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Sunday, 4 February 2007
Mood:  incredulous

The newly released report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is frightening.  International policy makers must pay heed to its findings and act now to prevent untold disaster.  The debate is over-climate change is happening and will get worse if our nation’s leaders do not act now.  Time is not on our side as we are currently experiencing massive economic and social impacts of a changing global climate.  These impacts will only get worse if we continue to put off the inevitable changes we must all support.

Money must be diverted now by governments to address global warming.  Laws must be passed now if we are to avoid massive loss of life and population displacement.  How many Katina’s can we endure?  How will the Australians survive without water?  As the glaciers melt how many people will suffer and what conflicts will arise?  Economies are suffering now-this is not a future scenario.

Exxon reported record earnings.   Other oil companies are sure to follow.  Tax these usurious profits and put the money into alternative, no polluting fuels.  Force the auto industry to mass produce green cars and give massive tax breaks to the consumers.  Force to coal fired plants to stop their pollution now.  Will this cost a lot of money?  Yes, but the cost of not acting will cost even more to economies and lost lives.  If the world were to unite to stop certain disaster, untold new jobs ands industries would be created.  

What good are all the wars and conflicts if the battles are won but the planet dies?  What good are the oil fields if there is no one left to use the oil?  What will sectarian violence win if there are no children left to inherit your victories?  Look at what is happening to our world and stop playing the fiddle while our planet is being destroyed.

We must unite as citizens of one planet and make our leaders address this most pressing issue.  Health legislation, ethics reforms, tax code changes and any other rule we can think of making means nothing in comparison to the climate changes we now face.  People often come together when faced with disaster.  From ice storms, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and other disasters, the best of humanity surfaces when catastrophe strikes.   But if the catastrophes strike the entire planet, will there be able anyone to help?  Who will send food, clothing and shelter if all are stricken?  Ignoring climate change will not make it go away.  More studies will not make it go away.  Only strong action by all the governments and all people will solve this crisis.  And as the IPCC report says, even if we ended all pollution now, there will still be consequences.  Are we ending all pollution now? 

Please, save the lives of our children.  Please, do not let this planet die!


Posted by dickens111 at 8:54 PM EST
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Sunday, 14 January 2007
Topic: Spirituality

Every so often, in the course of history, a person or an idea comes along that shifts the human paradigm.  Weather in the arts, sciences, philosophy, legal systems, technology or spiritual thought, a concept has been developed that turns the status quo on its head.  Are these ideas accepted by ruling authorities?  As a rule, new concepts have resulted in censorship, torture, death, excommunication, banishment and ridicule.


When art to turned to expressionism, it was shunned.  When it was proposed that the earth revolved around the sun, banishment was the response.  “Love thy neighbor” brought out the crucifixion.  The idea that people should have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives led to revolutions.  The notion that kings were not divine led to beheading.  This list is endless and even high school historians could give a litany of retaliations against any concepts that challenged existing dogma.


There is a commonality among all of the great concepts that rocked the proverbial government or religious boat.  They all sought to free humanity from ignorance or to find a new way to free the human spirits from the chains of mental oppression imposed by others.  Martin Luther King, Jr. went to the ‘mountain’ and saw humanity living as one.  Gandhi went to the same mountain, as did Jesus and had the same vision.  All knew that they would never, in their life time, see the manifestation of their vision and all knew that they would die at the hands of others. 


The great things about ideas are that while you can kill the messenger, the message can become immortal.  An idea cannot be crucified, burnt at the stake, put into prison, tortured, or otherwise eliminated unless people stop thinking about it.  While the flesh can be destroyed, a concept can live forever.  An event has occurred that will live forever-the release of THE SECRET.


Both the film and the book under the same title are rocking the spiritual and sectarian world.  The book has no single author even though it is released by Rhonda Byrne.  It is an accumulation of ancient and current wisdom that hold the promise of freedom for all.  While practiced by the select few, either on a conscious or unconscious level, throughout history, the revelations in THE SECRET hold out the hope that all can not only reach the ‘mountain’ and see the vision, but also experience the vision in the lifetime of each who take up its principle.


THE SECRET is not a new religion.  There is no guru to follow, no target to destroy, no leader to murder.  It is a way of thinking that can transform the lives of all and lead to a new reality where each is free to follows one’s own dream.  It attacks no one.  It singles out no religion.  It is apolitical.  It is proven.  It reveals secrets long held hidden in the initiation rights of mysterious societies.  It unlocks the parables of great spiritual avatars.  It brings science to the thin line that it has been unwilling cross with regards to the power of thought.  It explains quantum physics and shows that the Universe is truly guided by intelligent design.  It is not a movement as it is focused on the individual.


THE SECRET is probably the most dangerous document to ever confront organized religion or suppressive authorities even though it attacks neither.  It is the most positive book you will ever read.  That is not to say that others have not gone on the attack to reveal the oppressive nature of religious thought. Sam Harris’ END OF FAITH and LETTERS TO A CHRISTIAN NATION; the ideas of Richard Dawkins, the concepts presented in Doe and Harris’ novel, WAKING GOD and many more have all gone on the offensive to say the things not found in THE SECRET.  Byrne’s book throws no stones, except at ignorance.  It is a book that will fulfill Mr. King’s refrain, “Free at last, free at last….”


Posted by dickens111 at 12:07 PM EST
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Sunday, 7 January 2007

Dr. John Demartini, THE SECRET, and Toilet Paper

A One on One Interview

Part II


            I asked John if there was any particular reason why the film “The Secret” was released at this time.  In other words, is there anything about the present situation in the world that makes the publicizing of these once hidden techniques more appropriate now, than say ten years ago?  He indicated that perhaps the people were in the right place at this time to bring the information to light.  Rhonda Byrne had developed a deep appreciation for the laws of the universe and, with her production company in Australia she had the will and the means to share ways to help people.  It “just so happened” that many of the people that appeared in the film were attending a leadership and transformational meeting in Aspen and Rhonda brought her TV crew to the meeting and was able to tape major portions of the film at that location.  This combined with the modern age of technology and the vast networks represented by the film’s participants enabled the film and its message to reach millions upon millions of people that might otherwise have been left wanting.  

            Is there a “secret agenda?”  Being a Rosicrucian I could not help but notice the frequency with which the word Rosicrucian flashed between speakers in the film.  John indicated that “wisdom is wisdom” and anyone who searches out universal laws will run into the various lists of secret organizations, some of which have been more popularized than others.  He thought that some of the people connected to the movie were probably Rosicrucian and that he also, in addition to studying Mayan and other mystery teachings had also studied Rosicrucian teachings.  This relatively sequestered order has come to the forefront of late and is receiving greater publicity.  However, John felt that there is only a sincere altruistic desire on the part of those connected to the film to bring much that has been hidden into the mainstream for all to share.

            Trying to glance ahead I asked John where he saw the world in 2012 and if he felt that there was enough time, given the current state of world affairs and changing climatic conditions, to turn things around for humanity before possible global disaster.  John’s response should be a lesson and inspiration for all because I do not believe that there is a negative bone left in his body.  John said, “I do not see anything in the world that is going to stop human development. I am certainly not frightened by anything that is going on. I see that there are always two sides to an event. If we look for one side, the down side, we go into doomsday, if we look at the up side we go into fantasy land.  But if we look at both of them we see that nature’s remodeling things and whoever has the clearest, most powerful and certainty in intention is the one that moves it in that direction…I truly believe that there is a field of intelligence that is far greater than our human intellect and I think that it is doing fine and that we are just waking up to it and we’re learning along the way and we remodel ourselves accordingly.  But I really don’t have any fear about what’s going on in the world.  I see a balance.  I see that there is build and destroy.  If you look at the earth from the most ancient times, prior to pre- history, you see that there was spring and fall, somewhere on the world at all times.  Summer and winter is always somewhere, so what you have is build and destroy… And so humans are manifesting the course of build and destroy and remodeling in their cities, their own physiology, in our thoughts we build ourselves up and beat ourselves down. In nature we do it, in our cities we do it; in our environment we do it.  And each time we hone in and learn from it, like a negative feedback system, and hone ourselves into greater awareness and greater contribution.”

            Probing this a little further I asked if John if he felt that society had hit rock bottom and that there was a lot of fear in the world.  John said that he did not wake each morning with fear for what is happening in the world.  He said, “I look at things in such a way where I ask how does whatever happened to me, either positive or negative, serve me.” He went on to say that, “Fear is an assumption that you are about to experience more pain than pleasure, more loss than gain, more negative than positive, more challenge than support,  from somebody or yourself.  If we have those perceptions then of course we are going to react and withdraw.  Fear is really an unrealistic expectation. It is wiser to go back and look at the balance of things so the fear dissolves. As Buckminster Fuller said pollution is simply a resource we have yet to find a use for.” John added that we need to find the order hidden in our daily chaos and that despite polarity; he feels that the world has a heart.  

            We then explored the notion of “divine intelligence.” John said that “to those who believe no proof is necessary, to those who don’t know proof is possible and it is not wise to waste words on those who seek not.” He then mentioned the Demartini Method that is a very profound way of helping people see that the events that are occurring in their life are synchronous, are synthesized and imply and intelligence far greater than our awareness.   He said that he can demonstrate this repeatedly on very deep levels and in such a profound way that it literally involves the physics of life. He sees these concepts growing in strength and in numbers and infiltrating the business, financial, educational and scientific communities.

            I could not help but wonder if John felt that he still had any barriers that he personally had yet to cross.  Was there anything in his life that he would like to alter?  The response is a lesson for all since we often go through life beating ourselves up for things we think we should or could have done differently.  John said, “I don’t think of it that way.  No matter what I’ve done or not done I’m worthy of love.  Any time I think I need some kind of fixing it’s because I haven’t looked at myself more thoroughly.  So I don’t put myself into a moral illusion that I need improvement or any of those things.  Albert Einstein said something, if God is omnipotent and omnipresent and omniscient then every human action, reaction and aspiration in life is part of the Divine Plan.  So I don’t look back and say oops, I messed up here, I should have done this or should have done that.  I don’t live that way.  

            With regard to what changes he would like to see on a worldwide scale he said, “That there would be toilet paper in all the John’s across the world.” On a serious vein he said that he felt that all the people on the entire planet have within them a deep sense of love, they just do not see it.  He indicated that it is not about fixing the world because when you focus on fixing you create the equal and opposite and thereby actually add to the problems.  People need to see the magnificence of themselves and the world in which they live and love people and the world for whom and what it is; this is what creates the transformation.

            In bringing up my co-authored book, WAKING GOD I mentioned that we felt (myself and co-author Brian Doe) that religion was perhaps the single most important obstacle people had to overcome in order to utilize the principles of The Secret.  The interview was winding down but we began to discuss this issue in a way that may upset those “who seek not.”  John said, “When we subordinate ourselves to the religious systems we basically stop opening up our religious heart.”  Can you practice The Secret and do ‘Hail Mary’s’ at the same time was my next line of thought.  John replied, “That is contradictory.  I would say that if there is a divine order, divine intelligence and divine love and divine wisdom and beauty in everything, then where is God not?”  He explained that if we think we see some place or person where we think God is not then we must re-examine ourselves and our own perceptions about what we think we see.  If we see something out of order, then it is our job to go back and to look again. 

            John indicated that any human being we see on the outside reflects what is on our inside.  If there is something that you cannot love about them then there is a part of you that you feel is unworthy of love.  Because the universe is from a single source, all is connected and all is entangled.  This raised the last question concerning the role that our subconscious mind plays in impeding our personal growth.  John said that we develop values based upon what we think we are missing or lacking in life.  If we lack money, we value money; if we lack love, we value love; if we lack a nice home, friends or a good job, we place them in our value system.  Whatever is most perceived as missing, we value.  Review and act upon the world accoding to these values.  Then we see those that appear to have all that we perceive we lack, a.k.a. movie stars, business leaders, etc.  We now subordinate ourselves to them.  We feel that they have what we lack.  By putting these people on a pedestal, we subordinate ourselves to them and their values.  Now our own true values recede into our subconscious.  We are now trying to be someone else, someone we are not.  We attempt to imitate these other people.  Now our world is filled with shoulds and ought to have.  But we still have our own values that become subconscious and another’s values become conscious and we act like somebody we are not.  This raises a moral dilemma.  We now try to do something that is not ours.  Perhaps we try to be a singer, artist or writer and yet we really have no talent for these occupations.  We aspire to be an actor but we have no acting ability.  Now you bang your head against the wall trying to be someone you are not.  You have entered a fantasy world and efforts to manifest that reality are bound to fail.  Our desires must be true and congruent if we are to create our reality utilizing the principles in The Secret.

  I asked John if he felt there was a kind of conspiracy to prevent the masses from utilizing the principles of The Secret.  Ever the politician, John answered that if you challenge another’s existing paradigm and value systems they will close it off and try to prevent it.  All is linked and we must learn to love everyone, no matter whom or what they are.   I told John that he should consider being a foreign policy advisor.  He said that several years back he did send a letter to President Bush and to Donald Rumsfeld.  The problem was that when he addressed the letter, he sent it to Ronald Dumsfeld.  He said that it was not intentional.  He did receive a letter back from the President saying that we have everything under control.

Philip Harris    



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Dr. John Demartini, THE SECRET, and Transforming the World

A One on One Interview

Part I


            On November 2nd Dr John Demartini appeared as a panel guest on The Larry King Show called “Beyond Positive Thinking.”  In a highly simplified explanation the panel discussed how people could truly alter their reality through techniques presented in the world-wide film phenomena, The Secret. Saying that these techniques are based upon true science and not fantasy, the panelists discussed the notion that each person has the scientifically proven ability to alter their physical, mental and emotional reality in order to manifest their own desires.  From curing diseases, finding soul-mates, the perfect job to attaining wealth, no aspect of one’s life is beyond the capacity of the mind, with the help of the Universe, to manifest its desires. The show was a success; a second show was presented on November16th and subsequent shows on the same topic have been planned.

            After the show I wrote an article for The American Chronicle and several blogs which asked the question, “If this information was accurate, why do people live such miserable lives?”  As a life long student of mysticism I firmly believe in the principles discussed on the show and presented in the film and, for that matter, presented in my co-authored book, WAKING GOD.  However, I felt that a key topic was missing in the discussion and my article went on to present my own theories as to the greatest impediment that confronts humanity in utilizing these principles (See 11/6 article at  The article was read by Dr. Demartini and his publicist, Cloud Nine Marketing and I received an email from Cloud Nine asking if I wanted to do an interview with John.  Who could refuse?  On November 22nd I talked with John for about an hour.  He was at a Las Vegas hotel and was preparing for a seminar he was going to give that evening.

            I did not want to ask John questions that would be a repeat of those on The Larry King Show.  Nor did I want to delve deeply into his early childhood or reiterate his biography that can be readily found on his web site .  For those who have yet to experience his magic I will simply say that John is a millionaire.  He is an international speaker, author and business consultant.  He heads the Demartini Foundation and The Concourse of Wisdom School.  According to his web site he was told at the age of six that he had a learning disability and would never read, write or communicate.  John obviously walks his talk and creates ‘his’ own reality. 

            I was looking to focus on the issues I raised in my article about the show -- What has kept The Secret from being utilized by all?  The principles upon which it is based can be traced to the ancient mystery schools of the Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.  Why have only the few had access to this wisdom?  Why is it coming to light now?  What are the obstacles that seem to prevent all from creating a new life of happiness and harmony?  My first question to John was whether or not there was a single moment in which he decided that the “normal” way of doing things was not right for him?  Was there any particular person or book that altered his way of thinking and sent him on a new path of thought?  John indicated that there was no single event or book that he would classify as the impetus for his personal transformation.  Instead, over twenty years of study into philosophy and cosmology led him to discover a set of common concepts, ideas, laws and patterns that were universally accepted ‘truths.’  He said, “I devoured ‘ologies’ and any book that dealt with positive thinking.”  At the age of 18 he read the works of Gandhi and decided to embark upon a self-monitored effort to change his own thought behavior.  Four times a day he checked to see if his thoughts were more positive and he made every effort to make them positive.  After two years he came to a startling conclusion that did, in fact, create his own paradigm shift.  Over the two year period he discovered that his thoughts balanced between positive and negative thinking.  Despite his efforts to always stay positive, over time there was always a balance.  His conclusion was that the laws of the universe would always be fulfilled and that indeed, there is always a plus for every minus, every action creates an opposite reaction.  He indicated by embracing both we are working in concert with the universe -- the key being how to find the benefits accrued from both sides of the coin.  As a personal clarification let me equate this to the idea waking and sleeping.  You may want to be on the ‘go’ all day and accomplish much, the plus side of life.  You may then view sleep as negative since it interferes with your desire to do other things.  We all know that it is during sleep that body regenerates itself and so what appears negative on the surface is actually beneficial.  The same could be said for illness which is the body’s way of telling you that some aspect of your being is not in balance and needs correction. The dis-ease, as they said on the show, may appear negative but actually can become positive if one makes the effort to correct the imbalance and to prevent it from occurring again.  John said that in every aspect of nature and in life there is the build up phase and the destroy phase and yet these phases also occur simultaneously.  He said somewhere on earth it is winter, somewhere it is summer.  Cities are being built and others are in decay.  Life is a balance and the key is to discover how both sides of this building and destruction can be of benefit.

            I asked John what he felt were the greatest impediments for people as they tried to use the principles in The Secret.  In other words, for the average guy on the street what is going to prevent them from creating their own reality?  John said that, ‘there are seven primary fears that immobilize people and the first one is the fear of breaking the moral and ethics of some spiritual authority…The subordination to perceived spiritual authorities and the fear of breaking the rights and wrongs, or morals and ethics of that (perceived authority) stops people.            The second one is the fear of not being smart enough, not having a degree, not having the intelligence and not being imaginative enough.            The third one is the fear that you’re going to fail at it.  I don’t want to start because I know I’m going to be a failure.            The forth one is the idea that I won’t make money at it, it costs too much money or I’ll lose money doing it.            The fifth one is the fear of losing loved ones’ respect            The next one is the fear of somehow being rejected by the general audience, people in society. Are you crazy, what are you doing, this is stupid, and this is ridiculous.            Last thing is the fear of ill health, death or disease -- you don’t have the body to do it, the looks, the height or strength to do it, the energy, and the vitality.            And those seven fears make people lie to themselves about what they really want. They immobilize themselves.”

            John went on to say that people set up fantasies that are not what they truly want and that are not aligned with the laws of the Universe.  These fantasies will not manifest and then people get discouraged and go around discouraging others.  And so the endless cycle of unrealistic desires dashed lead to the notion that people do not have control of their lives.

            The issues was raised as to whether or not a person can just sit in a room and manifest their true desires without having to take any action.  John indicated that “you have to work your butt off -- you’ll have no ass when you are done.”  He said that you cannot only imagine what you want or just visualize it without taking any action to bring those desires into reality.  When people ask him how he got where he is today he reiterates that he had to work his butt off also.  The people that persevere are the ones that get results.  He added that there is no doubt that when the mind is clear and precise and inspired this assists in the process but to visualize is a small piece of the puzzle unless accompanied by action.




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Topic: Commentary

Who let the cell phone in?  An interesting question that raises an even larger one: when will people learn to take responsibility for their own actions?  In recent polls many Iraqi’s blame the United States for the sectarian violence plaguing their nation.  The French and English are blaming the Muslims for altering their cultures.  The Americans are blaming Latinos for altering American politics and their way of life.  Hamas blames Fatah and both blame Israel for the woes in Gaza and Lebanon.  North Korea blames the U.S. for its nuclear program and we all blame the oil companies for high gas prices.  We blame the Sudanese government for the atrocities in Darfur and who knows who the Sudanese blame?

Even in the American education system finger pointing has become a way of life.  Poor standard test results are blamed on the teachers.  The lack of student interest and enthusiasm for an education is blamed on the parents and everyone loves to blame school administrators for just about everything.  Of course, no one blames the students for anything; they are just the victims of the teachers, parents and administrators.

The public blames big business for global warming.  Of course big business denies global warming even exists.  We blame poor nations for cutting down rain forests but enjoy the lumber produced.  We blame the auto industry for air quality issues and smog but we keep buying their cars.  We abhor children working in sweat shops but love the prices.

We complain about junk food but business is booming at fast food establishments.  Our children are obese but we keep the fatty foods on the table.  We are concerned about drug abuse but have no issue with the daily commercial onslaught of ads promoting pills for everything.  Children are hyper and yet the soda keeps flowing.  Students cannot read or write and yet computer chatting is at an all time high.  We are concerned about violence so let’s buy more “kill’em all” video games.  

We blame the “devil” when we are bad.  It is certainly not our fault if we have been had.  The right is blamed for wars; the left for high taxes.  We got dealt a bad hand or got a bad rap.  It was where we grew up or went to school.  Our parents were divorced, we were poor; we were well off; wrong side of the track; bad luck; wrong crowd; had ADD or some other DD; the government said it was okay; the TV said it would work; or our friends forced us into it. 

There is always someone or something else to blame other than ourselves or our own actions.  Genetics, history, drugs, booze, religion, social or economic status, politics, race or appearance have all been offered up as excuses for our actions or inactions.  The day we take responsibility for our life is the day we will proclaim, “Free at last …” So who let the cell phone in?  Does it really matter in the total scheme of things?


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